Top 8 Home Improvement Blogs or Websites

With the help of home improvement blogs, you can get great inspiration and novel ideas for tackling house projects. Many of the blogs on the Internet focus on novel ideas for decorating and improving your home with stylish and trendy products, as well as cost-effective remedies and tips for the budget-conscious. Some of the top blogs and websites offering tips and techniques for home improvements are listed here.

1. Charles & Hudson

The site offers several posts on home improvement, including reviews of various tools and remodeling techniques. DIY homemakers (Do It Yourself) who are interested in saving time and money can go through this site. Several daily reads are available along with tips and advice. For instance, you can read about how to find the best contractors for specific home improvement jobs, find out more about indoor pollution and air quality, read tips on protecting your home from flooding and many more articles.

2. The Ugly Duckling House

Sarah offers several tips on house remodeling, painting the ceilings, patching up large holes and other home-related problems. For instance, the article on skim coating of drywalls offers a lot of information and tips regarding the tools to use, the compounds to add and a step-by-step method for doing the job. This site also offers plenty of pictures that will assist you with your projects.

3. Remodelista

The site helps you recreate many stylish homes that you see in catalogs. It also offers you an exhaustive list of architects and designers, whom you can search for through the directory. You can find cleaning tips and other techniques in different categories and is written by a group of women.

4. Remodelaholic

A young couple has written this blog. Several cost-effective solutions, such as remodeling of old furniture and using lampshades, etc. are covered in the blog. It offers tips on building from scratch and offers great inspiration to home renovators.

5. Inhabitat

If you are into loving the environment, then this blog will suit you well. This is a green remodeling blog and aims at covering designing and fashion for those wanting to lead a truly green lifestyle. You can find green products for your home from all over the world.

6. The Interior Revolution

DIY improvement can be done not only on your outdoors but also to the interiors of your home. The blog covers several projects offering step-by-step tips to make your home look awesome.

7. The Stylish Nest

The blog mentions some simple projects that are stunning. You can find tips for doing simple home improvement jobs like fixing a faucet or repairing a broken chair frame, explaining all details right from the basics.

8. The Handyguys Podcast

The blog is an excellent resource for DIY projects. You can find video podcasts including tutorials, both audio and video, for all home-related projects. There are also the traditional blog posts, but the video tutorials are really useful and make this blog really special.

Photo: Pexels


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